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I Used to Live Here Once

I Used To Live Here Once

I'm so happy and honoured that Harper Collins (UK, May) and Norton (US, June) are publishing my biography of one of the best writers in the English language; the captivating, courageous - and always unpredictable - Jean Rhys. It's been an astonishing journey, one that began with a visit to Dominica, the fiercely beautiful Caribbean island on which Rhys spent her first seventeen years as a white Creole in a Black world. Always an outsider in England, Rhys remained proudly Caribbean until her death, aged 89, in 1979. Memories of Dominica haunt and enrich her work, just as they did her long, volatile and often unbearably difficult life. While I hope readers will enjoy my book, I hope most of all that I Used To Live Here Once will give them a sense of how huge the personal price was for producing such marvellous novels and stories.

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   Added: Monday 11 April 2022

In Byron's Wake

In Byron's Wake
In March 2018, Simon & Schuster publish In Byron’s Wake: The Turbulent Lives of Lady Byron and Ada Lovelace. This is the product of five years work and contains a wealth of original material, drawing upon two newly identified archives.

Please read my Engendering the future blog post.

   Added: Saturday 13 January 2018