In My Father's House: Elegy for an Obsessive Love

Thrumpton Hall / In My Father's House

Widely acclaimed in the US, Thrumpton Hall / In My Father's House was a New York Times Book of the Year choice.

"Miranda Seymour's cathartic memoir of her father's obsessive love for a house is a brave expose of a private family" Daily Mail 2/2
"The shocking nature, the strangeness and brilliance of this extraordinary work.beautifully written and expertly structured" Sunday Telegraph 4/2
"Memoirs such as this one only really work if the author is prepared to be painfully honest, and Miranda Seymour is certainly that. One of the best features of a well-structured tale is the constant presence, at the writer's shoulder, of her elderly mother saying "you've exaggerated that" or "did that really happen?". For any memoir is, of course, entirely subjective and is therefore more akin to a novel than a biography. I couldn't put her book down and had to read it all in one sitting" Independent on Sunday 4/2
"Of all the fantastic creatures in the the great British bestiary, one of the most fascinatingly cruel is the upper-class brute. This outstanding book is a very funny and very sad portrait of a particular fine specimen of the species, George Fitzroy Seymour. a story of heartfelt love and loathing, told with wit, delicacy and a considerable amount of understated indelicacy as well; it is also a delightful period piece, an evocation of a very recent time that is long gone, a lost world of great houses and ha-has, of servants packing, of great wealth and shabby gentility, of crushing taxes and crushing remarks, and of a brutal idiom that has almost disappeared" Sunday Times 4/2
"Writing this deeply personal account of her family must have been a cathartic experience for Seymour. For the reader, it is a treat to catch an author at the height of her descriptive powers, exposing the agony of parental disappointment with honesty, sensitivity and touches of brilliance" Charles Spencer, Guardian 3/2

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