The Goddess

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"She will never give her love to one man, nor will other men let you keep her", was the warning to Paris, son of King Priam,when he visited the house of Menelaus and carried off his host's wife to Troy. And that prophecy held a bitter truth, for in stealing Helen, Paris had ravished a goddess, a goddess whose sublime beauty brought rending conflict to two great nations, and which so preoccupied her imagination that it imprisoned Helen the woman as surely as bars of beaten gold. Lonely and isolated from the women who hate her for the loveliness they can never possess, at once feared and desired by men, barren of the children she longed to bring forth, Helen, too, discovers there is no defying the omens, nor the destiny of the warring lords of Mykenai - nor the fate of "the fairest woman in all the world".

In a superlative, quintessentially romantic interweaving of legend and history, Miranda Seymour has recreated that world ofkings and heroes and the bewitching woman who held them all in thrall, and captured all the drama, passion and magic of Ancient Greece.

"A remarkably well-conceived account of Helen and Troy, firmly set in its own time, and written with feeling.... Helen's personality is eminently believable."Mary Renault

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