Mary Shelley


Mary Shelley's own life was as dramatic as her fiction. Drawing on unexplored sources, this widely acclaimed biography presents a picture of a woman misunderstood, intense, loyal, generous; a woman possessed of a dark and brilliant imagination which gave the public a Frankenstein myth for her time and for today.

"Mary Shelley is the most dazzling biography of a female writer to have come my way for an entire decade." Financial Times
"A thoughtfully considered and exceptionally lifelike portrait of a complex and often misunderstood character." Los Angeles Times
"A harrowing life, wonderfully retold." Washington Post Book World
"A splendid biography." New Yorker
"Miranda Seymour has vivid narrative gifs and a perceptive understanding of the main personalities." New York Times Book Review
"Seymour's universally-celebrated biography remains for me---both in terms of scholarship and sheer reading pleasure---indisputably the definitive account of the fascinating life of Mary Shelley." Amazon reviewer

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