Noble Endeavours

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On the eve of marking the centenary of the opening of the hostilities that devastated the world and changed its history, old wounds gape rawly open.

No two countries in Europe possess a stronger history of cultural and familial sympathy, trust and mutual respect than Britain and Germany. This book sets out the diverse stories of some of the people who contributed to the building of a house of shared dreams and aspirations, of mutual enlightenment and fruitful exchange. These are the stories of emperors, kings and queens, of travellers, writers, artists, students and political exiles; of ambassadors, reformers and the families so closely woven into the fabric of both countries that, when war came, divided loyalties ripped them apart.

All these people have played their part. All, in their different ways, are remarkable; all deserve to be called noble for what they set out to achieve. All - glimpsed here only at the point where they contribute to the story of England and Germany - have earned their place in a history of the love and mutual admiration that two nations once shared - and that they deserve to share again.

Available in hardback and paperback now.
Published in the US as The Pity of War.
Paperback publishing date: 8th May 2014.

"Noble Endeavours expands like and accordion, stories opening into more stories, and the whole propelled by prose that is lean and intricate. The book, which could be read for style alone, is an education and a handshake not only with the past, but with the present. A noble endeavour indeed." Frances Wilson, Daily Telegraph
""Nothing can alter what took place between 1933 and 1945," writes Miranda Seymour at the end of her account of Anglo-German relations over four centuries. "But another history lies behind it." It does. And in Noble Endeavours, Seymour provides and eloquent, perceptive and often moving account of that broader, longer and more benign sweep of history." Oliver Kamm, The Times
"Loving kindness, merry talent, an unfazed optimism and joy-of-life provide the keynotes of Noble Endeavours." Richard Davenport-Hines, The Guardian
"Noble Endeavours is an impressive work and a welcome balance to the plethora of histories of the two world wars. Miranda Seymour says of her subjects, "They’ve been my friends and educators." They should be ours too." Piers Paul Read, The Spectator
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