The Reluctant Devil

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Clegg is in hellishly hot water. He is one of Satan's most incompetent emissaries, flawed by an almost angelic affection for the mortal world. Fortunately for him, he has been given one last chance to save himself; he only has to cause trouble in a small London street. No sooner has devil-in-disguise Raphael Sartis arrived than he falls sinfully in love, thus granting the first of many wishes which plunge his victims into bedlam as their dreams become disastrously true.

Critics called this 'an enchanting book', 'an acutely funny satire on urban life', and 'a work of delectable eccentricity, elegantly conceived and wittily told...a delight.'

"Miranda Seymour is a wonderfully funny, ingenious and merciless writer.Nobody escapes her brusque, witty scrutiny." Listener
"A sophisticated, no-holds-barred cautionary tale, glittering with malice towards its own characters and a romp to read." Sunday Telegraph

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