A Brief History of Thyme

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This beautifully designed and illustrated little book collects the best of Miranda Seymour's weekly pieces for the Independent. Each piece covers a single herb, whether elecampane, cannabis, parsley or woad, and describes its characteristics, its growing habits, its effect, the lore and belief attached to it, and the history of its use.

The result is an extraordinary and fascinating compendium of plant information: here you can discover what Homer's Greeks used as sleeping potions, why Henry VIII fined any farmer who refused to grow marijuana, and which herb the 72-year-old Queen of Hungary used to extract a proposal from the handsome King of Poland. This book will delight any cook or gardener, herbalist or lover of myths and folklore.

"In the preface to this lavishly produced book, Seymour explains that her aim is not to describe the habits or uses of herbs too closely - although she does so when they take her fancy - but to muse on their names, their history and their role in mythology, literature and folklore. It is rich ground for research, and Seymour has come up with some wonderful stories." Toby Clements, Daily Telegraph
"Altogether delightful and a perfect present." Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life

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